Above you can see the latest themes we've put together.
THEME PACKAGES BASIC: Includes a header, (1) sidebar, and the main content area. This does not include plugin integration, or jquery. BASE PRICE: $20

ADVANCED: Includes the basic package + plugin integration (inserting twitter feeds, facebook like boxes, etc), multiple sidebars, wordpress menus, sliders, and jquery. BASE PRICE: $20.

All packages are based on time spent in design/coding phase. The most basic of themes will not take us long to code. Extensive themes will take time, and every hour after the first is 15$ an hour.
ORDERING A THEME To order a theme from Melted-Buttefly Designs, please fill out the form to the right. Work will not be started until we have *all* needed information from you. We will only do up to 3 changes to the overall site, as part of the initial design. This is so our time and your time is not wasted.
You will be sent a preview of the design, as well as an HTML mockup before it is put into a theme, so that all your changes can be made. *We will not install wordpress for you, with this service*. Please contact us separately for information on wordpress installation. Do not remove design credit, or modify the theme in any way without contacting us first.
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